Ever since ever, I’ve enjoyed a good spa night. I like taking care of my body, of my skin, I like putting food on my face and nail polish on my toenails. I like soaking in a hot bath with salts and oils and whatever else. I like using apple cider vinegar in my hair insead of conditioner. I like that. I like experimenting. Sometimes that means coating my niece’s incredibly thick, long and dark hair with mayonnaise (to my sister’s dismay) or using coconut oil as a body lotion. In my defense, the mayonnaise thing… No, I can’t defend myself. It was in the fridge. I thought it’d be fun. Moving on. Now, that I have a baby I’m getting even more into this. Obviously, less spa nights. But I am crazy about essential oils and plant oils and putting them on our bodies. Crazy about ’em.

I’ve recently run into some serious inspiration from an awesome book “The Boreal Herbal” by Beverly Gray, and a little ladyspiration from our friends up north, more north than us, who whip up creams and butters for their hands, faces and babies’ bums. I am so pumped to get going at making our own beauty products.

Step one is to forage some herbs (or buy them, whatev.). Since it’s still winter or sprinter, it’s a good thing I have a stocked pantry. My mom did some of the herb collecting this summer. She grew chamomile. A lot of chamomile, and she picked the flowers, dried them and gave them to moi. I drank some of them. Made pudding with some of them… And I saved some for this! Thanks Ma. Chamomile has endless medicinal benefits. It’s great used on the skin because it’s anti-inflammatory, antibacteriel and antifungal. So it’s super soothing. Perfect for sensitive baby skin and sensitive mama skin.

The other herb I’m using is lavender. My mom grew a ton of lavender too. But the foraging for this one happened somewhere in Québec. For my birthday last year, a dear friend of mine gave me a little satchel of dried lavender that she bought at a market in Montréal. It is food grade, so I have been using it here and there, mostly in teas. But the remainder is being used for this! Lavender is the best. I’m obsessed with it. It has a bigillion benefits. Mostly, it’s super soothing. We always use lavender oil in the bath before bed. Relaxy. But it’s also antibacterial, so it’s good to be used for skin irritations.

I naturally have sensitive skin. Sometimes I just touch my neck and it turns bright red. You might think it’s a neat party trick, but it’s not. I went to an acupuncturist once and he called me ‘Glass Girl’ the entire time. Awesome.

Step two is to infuse your oil of choice with your foraged goodies. For a sensitive skin friendly oil, I chose almond. According to Bevvy G., it rejuvenates the skin and is best for dry, sensitive and mature skin.




I’m also gonna get even more hippie-dip on you, and tell you that I infused my oil during a moon phase. Why? Because, I like the moon. And because, I like the idea of working with the natural flow of things.


My family is coming for Easter this weekend. My sister and her three kids AND my brother, his partner and his daughter. Everyone is staying at MY house. This is the first time in my life that I am hosting a family gathering. Maybe it only half counts since my parents are right next door and will be helping me feed a thousand people. But’s it’s offish I’m an adult. I do need to mention that it will also be the first time that we will all be together since the three latest babes were born (within a month of each other.) How cool. Anyway, who wouldn’t want a little roller bottle in their Easter basket (their Easter wheatgrass basket that I am so proud of)?… Hope you like hippie shit, family, cuz yer stayin’ at my house.


Soothin’ Groovin’ Infused Oil
& Bedtime Blend for Kiddos
& Bedtime Blend for Mamas + Papas

Roller Bottle Blend recipes inspired by Amanda Watters (she likes oils too)

– jar with lid
– canning funnel (the plastic type, with the big mouth)
– teeny funnel
– spoon
– pantyhose
– sieve
– patience
– roller bottles

– 2 cups almond oil
– ¼ cup dried lavender buds
– ¼ cup dried chamomile flowers
– lavender oil
– peace & calming oil (a Young Living oil, a nice mix of: tangerine, ylang ylang, blue tansy, orange and patchouli)
– cedarwood oil

1. Sterilize your materials.
2. Put the herbs in the jar, and poke them with a spoon to release some of their oils.
3. Cover the herbs with the oil.
4. Give it a shake.
5. Let sit, out of the sun, for a month, or for a full moon cycle. And shake it up once a day.
6. After the cycle is up, cover another jar, or a small bowl with pantyhose.
7. Pour the infused oil over the sieve. Then pour the semi strained oil with the pantyhose. And then squeeze it out, to get all that good stuff.
8. For Bedtime Blend for Kiddos add 10 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of peace & calming oil to the roller bottle, then top it off with the infused oil. For Bedtime Blend for Mamas & Papas add 10 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of cedarwood to the roller bottle, then top it off with the infused oil.
9. Apply to back of the neck, temples and feet before bed. Sweet dreams baby girl.

* Add another 5 drops of lavender oil to the rest of the infused oil and set it aside, out of direct sunlight, to make some body cream. I’ll post this lata. Hold yer horses.


  1. Love the shout out 🙂 beautiful blends friend. My mom and her two sisters had all of their first babies within a month of eachother as well and I can speak to how awesome it is to have them as my brothers from other mothers 🙂 Happy Easter hope it was lovely!

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