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under the big fir tree began as a blog, a space for me, mama & maker, to document our loves; little projects, favourite snacks & beauty days. As a stay-at-home-mama to my then 7 month-old, it all started as a creative outlet. But during this time, I was hungry for something more. And as it turns out, the answer was right in front of me.

Brewing concoctions in the kitchen, and using food on my skin are just a couple of my favourite past times. When my daughter was born I began looking so closely at the “natural” products I was buying, and found that most of them were never truly what they claimed to be. This led me to make my own. Looking for sustainable and ethical sources, I began reading more about the flora surrounding me, the flora that has been surrounding me my whole life. I took my baby outside. We smelled the herbs, grasses and flowers. We foraged. We dried it. We filled our cupboards with prairie glory. My hands were dirty, my head was calm and my heart was full.

under the big fir tree, is a line of botanical skin care products inspired and infused with the flora of Saskatchewan. Many of the ingredients were foraged by yours truly or by my love. They were picked at the best time of harvest for that plant, following and embracing it’s seasonal cycle. All ingredients can be found in the diverse landscapes of Saskatchewan: the taiga, the temperate forest, the grassland, the chaparral, the desert, and the rainforest. I have researched and continue to learn the different medicinal and beneficial properties of prairie grasses, northern trees, native herbs, flowers & fruit to make a product that represents my home. All without using any weird ingredients, all biodegradable, all safe for little ones & all respectful to the environment. Not only does the line smell like the love child of a northern Saskatchewan bush & a grassy prairie, but it will nourish & protect the skin from the constant harsh climate. All that is missing is a colourful sky. And maybe a campfire or two.

Find these products at Nest General Store, our online shop, which highlights a collection of vintage and handmade items curated with childhood in mind. Of course there are a couple goods for ma and pa too.