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Around here we like to eat. A lot. Our days are based around our meals. Our conversations are based around food. We wake up excited for breakfast. And then there’s lunch to look forward to! And snack in the afternoon is one of the best times of day! Then there’s supper! And sometimes even a snack before bed! We love to eat. And one of our favourite ways to eat is to snack. A supper of spreads and dippers? The best. A bite of nuts & dates. Killer. I will share our favourites; the ones we literally cannot eat it fast enough, or we never want to end.

Cultivating creativity… Look up a synonym for cultivate and you will find : till, plow, farm, fertilize, and other “get your hands in the earth” words. We cultivate creativity, we get our hands dirty, we make something out of what we have. The work is rewarding. It brings a sense of calm, steadying a busy mind. It’s an outlet for what we feel inside. And quite frankly, it’s just fun.

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