I have lots of good childhood memories that revolve around food, LOTS. My mom made everything from scratch. Everything. She wasn’t super hippie dip like me, but we always ate very healthy. “Everything in moderation” was kind of her motto. We didn’t eat dessert every night but sometimes if she really had a hankering for something sweet she would whip it up. Apple crisp. Brownies. Pudding. Whatever. One day (maybe I was 7?) I wanted to make a dessert. I wanted to make vanilla pudding. I remembered my mom making chocolate pudding in the past and we ate it when it was still warm and it was some kind of special. So with a touch of my mom’s help, I made vanilla pudding. I remember being surprised that there were eggs in it, and that it had to be cooked. I think I did a pretty good job, because we ate it after supper and everybody loved it up. It didn’t taste like the store bought stuff my friends brought to school, it tasted like… vanilla, like real vanilla. And it was so super creamy, and so super delicious. And I knew everything that was in it, and how to make it. I felt like my friends were totally missing out.

Now, when I have a hankering for some dessert, some pudding perhaps, I have to health-it-up a bit. I can’t help myself. Sometimes people say “You have to treat yourself!”. The truth is that I treat myself all the time. Making hippie dip treats is the best because you can eat an entire batch of whatever it is and you don’t feel guilty about it. You only feel happy ’cause you just ate a lot of something really amazing. Okay, maybe I do have to remind myself of my mom’s motto every once in a while.

So how would you like to make a pudding that is super creamy and full of good-for-you fats for dessert at your house? Avocados bring the creamy game in this recipe. If you aren’t convinced just tell that hesitancy to eff off. Pardon my français. Try it and you will be going all googley eyed and you will eat the entire batch. Then you’ll make more. And more. And it will be your go-to snack for a solid month. (Not speaking from experience or anything…)

Since I can remember, mint chocolate has been a favourite combination of mine. Who doesn’t like a good mint chip anything? Enjoyyyyy. In moderation. Or not. Who cares.




Mmmmint chip pudding

3 avocados
1/4 cup honey (or maple syrup)
10 drops peppermint essential oil (Young Living! Or 10 drops of pure peppermint extract)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 cup of your fave dark chocolate cut into chunks

1. Throw er’thang in a food processor.
2. Blend.
3. That’s it.
4. You ate it already? I know right, rarely makes it to the bowl…

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