It feels like spring. But it’s a tease. It’s a major tease. It’s such a tease. This happens every year. We consider putting the winter gear away, we bust out the stroller, we start to get used to sunshine on our faces and warm walks outside. But winter always comes back. It always does. But for now, I’m going to enjoy this nice weather. We’re going to wear light jackets and go for walks, and eat smoothies for breakfast and drink fresh pressed juice in the afternoon. Because it’s sunshine. Because it feels like spring. Because the cigarette butts and dog shit are a sure sign that the seasons are changing. We will listen for geese, look for robins and hunt for crocusses. We will be fooled. But goshdarnit, we just have to play along.

About the fresh pressed juice. I know you are wondering! My mom dug a juicer out of her basement. She bought it for my brother a few years ago, maybe even quite a few years ago. He used it a few times, but luckily for me he wasn’t super into it. Do you have a juice bar in your city? Well, we don’t actually, but there is one opening up just an hour from us. I was super excited about this. I had planned to grab a juice every time we were there. But now… Now, I can bring my own juice. Now, I can make my own juice!


So, I dusted this thing off the other day. Washed it, very thoroughly. Then had myself a party in the kitchen. The liquid and foam that came out of there was soo delicious. Seriously divine. I filled up a bottle and ran next door to give my mom a taste (yup, uh huh, we live next door to my parents, and it’s cool.) She wasn’t home. But I told my dad that I just made juice and that it was friggin’ good. Then I ran home. I don’t know why I was running. Just amped up, I suppose. When I got home, I looked in the mirror. I think because I was having such a good day. You know when you are having a good day, you just look at yourself in the mirror and smile and be like “Hey. You look good.”? Well anyway, I did that, and realized I had a big juicy carrot mustache.


Enjoy! And yeah, you look good.

– 8 apples
– 7 carrots (mine were pretty spindly)
– 1 cara cara orange
– 1 red bell pepper
– ¼ lemon
– 4 inch piece of ginger

1. Rinse produce.
2. Cut into chunks.
3. Push through juicer.
4. Share with neighbours.

* I realize I’ve big time nerded out on this one. And I’m okay with that.

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