For a long time now I have been using all natural body products, and now mostly all my own products. Up until the new year, I was using natural shampoo and conditioner from Rocky Mountain Soap company. I would use it about once a week, sometimes less, sometimes more. But I often wore my hair up, hiding grease. I liked the idea of not using shampoo, but I couldn’t figure it out.

When you wash your hair everyday, it strips the natural oils from your scalp, which makes your hair feel like it needs to overcompensate for that. In return, your hair produces more oil. In conclusion, you are a grease ball if you don’t wash it. You will need to keep washing it often, because it’s oilier than it should be. And it’s a vicious cycle. Get what I’m sayin’?
Supposedly, if you don’t wash your hair everyday, the oil will balance out, and your hair will be even nicer than it was when you washed it all the time. It’s all about using less-poo, or no-poo at all. But the trick to this is doing it right.


Personally, I have very fine hair. My ponytail is about as thick as a thumb. By using this method I hope to find some thickness and more awesomeness for my fine hair. I’m into that. Who wouldn’t be? My hair doesn’t have any body. No body at all. I got two perms in grade 3 and that didn’t even work. I was just left smelling like weird perm and using so much gel. But it was an improvement from my most embarrassing hair days, where I would just slick my short pixie back with a ton of dippity-doo. Anyways, I always end up cutting all my hair off after trying to grow it out. When it’s long it tends to just hang, looking like an Afghan Hound. So I gave this no-poo thing a go! What did I have to lose, really?

Why in the world would you want to ditch the shampoo:
– more oomph for Afghan Hounds like me
– less frizz for you curly haired folk (the lucky ones, in my mind)
– less chemicals on your head and chemicals are gross
– shinier hair (shwing!)
– you save yourself some coin
– reduce waste
– reduce the amount of chemicals in the water
– letting your hair be its true self
– living like it were the early 1900s (shampoo wasn’t even invented until the 1930s and people had nice hair in the 1920s)

By going no-poo, officially for six weeks now, I have added some bodaciousness to my locks. I have dreams of long hair blowing in the wind… Now I’m just one step closer to not chopping it off. For real! This is not only beneficial for straight hair, which is why I really wanted to try it out on Brett and Flora. They both have insanely curly hair. In fact, we are hair opposites. Especially Brett, he is a white dude with black hair. When I met him he shampooed everyday. It took him some convincing to shampoo less, but now he is way on board. His frizz has transformed into glorious ringlets. I’m not even kidding. Maybe exaggerating a little bit. But needless to say it looks so much healthier! He was a little unsure about using the apple cider vinegar. I promised him the smell would go away when it dried. I may have fibbed, because the first time I dumped a whole wack of it on his hair. (Don’t do that.) But the other times, less was used and it worked beaucoup mieux! And Flora’s hair is even curlier than it was when we used shampoo and conditioner once a week.

So here’s the deal. You are still going to wash and condition your hair, but you are going to use products found in your kitchen.


No-Poo Poo
2 tablespoons baking soda
2 cups filtered water

1. Add baking soda and water to a plastic bottle (either with a squeeze top, or one with a pump.)
2. Shake super well.
* Give it a good shake before using it about every second or third day (no more than three times per week). You are going to wash your scalp with this. Not your hair. Your scalp. It will get in your hair and that’s fine, but just focus on your scalp. Then rinse with water.

No-Poo Condish
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
4 cups filtered water

1. Add apple cider vinegar and water to any container that is handy (a plastic one with a squeeze top would be great, but just a glass jar works wonders too.)
2. Shake super well.
* After No-Pooing, apply this solution to the ends of your hair. (I dip about 4 inches of my hair in a glass jar than squoosh it around.) This time, don’t worry about the scalp. Just focus on your hair, particularly the ends. Massage it around a bit. And that’s it. DON’T RINSE IT OUT. The scent will be vinegary, yes, you will wonder why you are doing this. But once it dries, magic seriously happens.

A few tips:
– Having soft water helps immensely! I can only speak from experience. I have soft water, and my hair has been so lovely. The loveliest ever. If you have hard water, I would still give it a shot. Let me know how it goes. If it’s terrible and just the worst and you feel like a troll let me know, maybe the secret is in the water?
– Give it eight weeks before caving in and using shampoo, or by stopping altogether. I know this seems like an eternity, but your hair needs a little time to figure out what’s going on.
– The first couple weeks even the first month may be gross, you may hate it, you may have bad hair every day. You may think I’m a nut for thinking this is great. But please, please, pahlease, give it at least eight weeks. It’s going to take some time for your hair to realize what the heck’s going on.
– If you are having a shower or a bath on a no-poo day, tie your hair up or invest in a fancy shower cap that will keep your hair dry.

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